Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reflections, or lack there of, on Black Shirts

If you were to check my closet, you would notice I have mostly black shirts.  T-shirts mostly.  And that drove the rest of my wardrobe to the dark side to make laundry easier.  There is a simple reason.

For a very long time I was sitting in front of computer monitors that when there were dark areas on the screen, you could see the reflection of whatever was in the room, and typically it would be me and whatever I was wearing, usually my shirt.  I've always avoided patterns or logos, picking primary colors, but they would still show up.  Basic black doesn't.  Even the backscatter from a brightly lit room can create problems.

On my motorcycle, a similar problem presented itself with the Samsung.  The original angle would show my face and the background - blue sky or clouds.  Or the sun.  The Samsung is fairly bright but not enough.  So I got a door screen hinge (they would go flush) and put the 3m superlock fasteners so I could position the screen nearly vertical, where it would reflect my (black) shirt.    After positioning it I braced it and used some ShoeGoo on the vertex of the hinge to hold it at that angle.  Now it is much easier to read, unless I'm turning and it reflects the road, but then it depends on if it is a "black top".  The angle makes things a bit less easy to read in general, but much clearer in sunlight or other bright conditions.

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  1. Also, dead bugs are more visible on lighter colored shirts.