Saturday, April 16, 2011

J1850 to bluetooth

The code is at my zdez site

I use a module from mdfly, but any 3.3v with ttl can be used. This particular chip can be renamed and baud rate changed which I did with a 3.3v arduino USB interface.

I'm using a low-dropout regulator from my parts box. Any that can tolerate vehicle (12v+) should work - but many don't. Switching regulators might also work.

20 pin socket is from radio shack.

(I will say "2313" for both 4313 and 2313 going forward)

I'm using a 10MHz resonator soldered on top of the chip.

I'm not using BT TxD to 2313 RxD, but connected it anyway.
The connections to the 2313 are just V+, GND, TxD, and RxD, and the ICP1 on pin 11 across from ground to a 10k resistor that goes to the J1850 line.

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